Tarangire Sopa Lodge

This is a large, basic-luxury lodge in the heart on the Tarangire National Park. Offering a wide array of amenities in the wild, the lodge is ideal for those searching for a hassle free, and reasonably reliable hotel experience rather than a more exciting, traditional or personal one.

Accommodation at Tarangire Sopa Lodge

The hotel boasts 75 rooms (including some that are suitable for those with disabilities). While most rooms are spacious with balconies, some are less so and, due to the hotel’s layout, some rooms are a slightly awkward shape.

The décor could do with some updating, but this is true of many of the lodges (even the most luxury ones) in this region. Much of the furniture and the fittings at the hotel are older and less comfortable than at city-lodgings. While electricity is available throughout the day, hot water is only switched on in the mornings (6am - 9am) and in the evenings (6pm -9pm). This is true of many of the lodges in the region. This economical and ‘make-it-last’ attitude of lodges such as the Sopa can be at odds with Western expectations of a luxury hotel experience.

Rooms include mosquito nets and are efficiently sprayed and beds turned down daily. Rooms also include hairdryers and mini-bars. The hotel boasts a swimming pool (unheated) and gift shop as well as bar and lounge area. Services on offer include babysitting, laundry and parking.

Food and Drink at Tarangire Sopa Lodge

Food is buffet style. Portions are generous and food is generally good though not excellent. Considering the hotel’s location however, it is surprisingly varied and fresh. Dinner service is efficient and most staff are friendly and well trained.

There is a reasonable wine list available as well as a variety of other drinks and local beers.

The camp bar is usually well stocked, but again, choice is limited. The camp does build a nightly fire around which on can enjoy a drink and meet fellow travellers.

Things to do at Tarangire Sopa Lodge

The Tarangire National park is renowned for its various bird and animal life. It is especially popular for its proximity to local elephant herds. The Tarangire Park provides a lusher landscape than most other safari regions and the plant life can also be astounding.

The hotel are happy to arrange bush dining (breakfast lunch and dinner) as well as balloon safaris and sundowners (drives to a local beauty spot to watch the sunset with a drink and canapés).

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