Sayari Mobile Camp

Sayari is operated by a reliable and professional team.

Accommodation at Sayari Mobile Camp

The camp boasts 15 large tents (either king-size doubles or twin rooms) with large private verandas and en suitebathrooms with flush toilets, double sinks and shower and bath with good hot water supply.

Even outside of migration season expect animals wondering round the tents, (the camp has an excellent safety record) a hugely exciting and fulfilling experience for most guests. But best to keep tents shut when empty!

Tents are well spaced out, modern, carefully cleaned and maintained and thoughtfully furnished and decorated with local materials in neutral colours. Though the tents are canvas, their large glass windows allow excellent views. However, there have been difficulties with the sealing on the windows. This means small wildlife can enter the tents and the lack of mosquito netting is therefore a worry for some travellers. Few incidents of serious bug trouble have been reported. Beds are comfortable and well turned down daily. Guests will often be provided with hot water bottles.

The tents do not feel like tents, if you are searching for a down-to-earth experience with nature, Sayari may not be the ideal camp for you.

As the camp is larger than many some tents are a fair walk from the dining and communal areas. If you feel this may be a problem for you it is best to make arrangements with the camp’s managers before arrival.

Food and Drink at Sayari Mobile Camp

The camp has two dining tents (one for each wing of the camp). This set up ensures guests receive a personal service and the food receives the attention to detail that one expects at smaller camps. The restaurant tents are pleasant and spacious and again, innocuously decorated and perfectly clean. Be aware that dining takes place around large tables in order to encourage conversation among various travelling groups. Private dining can be arranged on request.

Food at the camp is very well thought out and exceptionally varied and high quality considering the camp’s remote location. Special touches include wake up cookies and hot drinks first thing in the morning, afternoon biscuits and drinks and an impressive selection of first-class salads at lunch. The camp will pack lunches and breakfasts for guests on request and these are unusually good at Sayari (though obviously more basic than what is on offer at the camp itself).

The camp offers a wide breakfast selection-cereals, fresh fruit, breads and various cooked options to order. Lunch and dinner are plated. The camp should be notified of any dietary requirements in advance.

Service at Sayari Mobile Camp

Managers Barbara and Joe and their team are all very professional, knowledgeable and diligent. Staff are friendly and keen to please. They are clearly better trained than at many of the other camps on safari.

However, a few guests feel that the preferential treatment given to groups travelling with Sayari’s own guides (both to the guides/drivers and to the guests themselves) can sour the experience of staying at Sayari.

The camp offers a clean and well maintained pool with an excellent view. Internet is available in the camp’s office (though this is slow and can be unreliable).

Things to do at Sayari Mobile Camp

The camp is ideally situated for off-road game drives and for viewing the breath-taking annual migration. It is also located in an area in which foot safaris are popular. Many travellers find the chance to do some guided walking a very welcome respite from their days on the road.  Bush breakfasts are hugely popular and can easily be arranged through the hotel.

Sayari benefits from a massage and spa facility as well as a lovely pool. Though costly (between $30 and $50 for a massage) this is a good chance to distress after hours of hot and bumpy animal viewing.

For children the camp offers archery classes and competitions organised in association with the local Askari tribe.

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