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One of the wildest and most remote high alpine environments in the world is the rarely discovered Rwenzori Mountain range of Western Uganda. The highest point in the range is the third highest peak in Africa at 5,109m altitude. The trek is considered a far more authentic wilderness experience than Kilimanjaro and small groups of climbers will often enjoy having the summit – and much of the route – to themselves. Our director – supported by a 41-man strong platoon of the Ugandan People’s Defence Force – was responsible for leading the expedition that reopened the Rwenzori National Park in February 2000, following five years of ADF-led insurgency. In addition to summitting all three peaks of Mount Stanley, the expedition was tasked with flushing out residual Interahamwe guerilla sections. Nowadays Uganda is considered to be one of the safest visitor destinations in Africa, with one of the lowest crime incidence levels.

To date a far more popularly visited area of Uganda is the Bwindi impenetrable forest, home to around half of all the world’s mountain gorillas. Those seeking direction from us will be referred to Adventure Trails as the facilitator of choice for gorilla tracking safaris.

Adventure Holidays at Victoria Falls | Zimbabwe and Zambia

Victoria Falls in renowned as having one of the most exciting and dramatic waterfalls on the planet. It is also an excellent adventurous venue for those looking to overcome aerial confidence issues.

The following adventurous activities are possible when staying near Victoria Falls:

  • Freefall for 111m down one of the world’s highest commercially available bungee
  • jumps
  • Scenic flights over the falls using either helicopter, fixed wing, or microlight aircraft
  • Parasailing
  • Gorge swing
  • Cable slides across the gorge: sitting and standing options
  • Abseiling
  • White water rafting
  • Golf on a course designed by Gary Player
  • Horse Riding
  • Game drives
  • Static water hole game viewing from hides
  • Night drives
  • Boat trips

Hotels near Victoria Falls from which these activities can be arranged:

South Africa: self-drive safaris, guided game viewing, beautiful hotels South Africa boasts a broad range of topography, fauna and flora and unlike most other African countries is supported in most parts by sophisticated first-world standard infrastructure. Travellers considering a trip to South Africa are advised first to familiarise themselves with the National Parks of South Africa. The following are excellent resources for this purpose:

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A very wide range of knowledge is offered at one of the world’s most comprehensive resources of its kind:

Mountaineering expedition planning resource

Alpinisme is an excellent Belgian website that offers a comprehensive array of information and links to equipment and planning sites that afford significant advantages to those planning their own climbs. Obviously, those wanting to climb Kilimanjaro are advised to approach Team Kilimanjaro.