Migunga Forest Camp

This is a basic but adequate tented camp a short drive from the entrance to the Lake Manyara National Park. Within the park there are excellent game viewing opportunities as well as sports and boating opportunities. The camp offers accommodation of a 1-2 star standard (approximation). When staying in the regionโ€™s semi-luxury accommodation guests are advised to moderate their expectations somewhat.

Accommodation at Migunga Forest Camp

The camp offers 19 tents. These are well spaced and surrounded by thick vegetation. One really does feel to be sleeping in the forest. The tents are reasonably sized with good beds. The lighting is poor (although this is a limited help in repelling the mosquitoes which are ubiquitous in this region). Electric current is available for charging cameras etc.

The tents have separate washrooms with flushing toilets, but running water can, at times, be very low pressure and hot water only intermittent.

Tents have locks which must be used in order to keep monkeys out. Though delightful to watch at play, these creatures will steal anything they please so be diligent!

Food and Drink at Migunga Forest Camp

Food is not exceptional, but is passable. The camp has a simple dining area offering set menus. Portions are not as large as at some of the regions camps and lodges. The camp has a pleasant bar area and an atmospheric fire-pit around which guests can gather to drink and watch the monkeys.

Lunch boxes are available on request. However, as with most lodges and camps, food tends to be rather bland. This is just one of the draw-backs of this very basic style of โ€˜eating-on-the-go.โ€™

The camp has a good wine-list and offers a range of beers. Drinks are priced in US dollars and are rather more expensive than at many of the local camps and lodges (up to $30 for a bottle of wine).

Service at Migunga Tented Camp

Staff are very friendly and diligent. The camp is kept clean and is clearly well-maintained and cared for. Having said which, minor problems with tents have been reported. Make sure to notify staff of any problems.

Room service is on offer.

The camp offers mountain bike trails a campfire and a year-round garden.

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