Safari Accommodation Types

When planning your safari tour in Africa, it is not usually necessary to have a good knowledge of the areas that will be local to your tour venues. However, we strongly encourage safari-goers to get involved in the decision-making process, in terms of which safari lodges or camps are to be used on your selected itinerary. This is because what is pleasing to one traveller is disappointing to another, and while our safari coordinators have clear ideas about which properties appeal to them, a honeymoon couple, for example, may be looking at very different criteria to an extended family with aunts and uncles in tow!

Choosing Your Safari Accommodation

To aid in your choice of which lodges or camps to incorporate, we suggest that you spend a little time familiarising yourself with the locations of the accommodation providers that we work with, as accommodation selection is a matter of striking the best balance between location โ€“ with respect to seasonal animal movements โ€“ and the natural beauty and attractions of the lodge or camp itself. To assist with this process of familiarisation, please make use of the following GoogleMap.

The following pages discuss the various accommodation options that you can elect to incorporate into your chosen pre-suggested or customised Tanzanian safari itinerary with us.

Tanzania Safari Lodges

When selecting a tour some will request a safari itinerary that incorporates a specified list of destinations and national parks, while others will have heard good things about a particular lodge or tented camp. Those wanting to begin their research from a chosen lodge and spiral outwards and plan to reach venues from that start point, should peruse these accommodation pages.

A Candid Discussion of Lodges and Tented Camps

It is important that readers should please note that this website was not authored by anyone with a sales background, but by a close-knit team of expedition coordinators and researchers whose ongoing professional remit has always been to achieve maximum accuracy, thoroughness and transparency, rather than to encourage sales. Readers will therefore notice that where material is available elsewhere on the Internet inferring that a certain lodge is a virtual pre-Diluvian idyll, TK will nonetheless aim to share our perspectives on that propertyโ€™s weaknesses and shortcomings, as well as acknowledging its strengths.

We do this so as to best ensure that your decision to book, or otherwise, should be based on knowing as much of the pertaining truth as possible, rather than because we have managed to lull you into a contrived illusion, as we are very sad when visitors are disappointed with any element of their trip, and the most usual cause of disappointment stems from expectations that have been inflated to an unrealistic degree, usually by operations that are overly focused on the prospect of generating a booking, and who are myopic when considering the probable long term consequences to their own reputation and the livelihoods of their faithful staff. Conversely, we are grateful to enjoy the patronage of intelligent and discerning travellers, who likely already understand, conceptually at least, many of the realities and limitations of operating in a third world country and who are merely looking for some targeted first hand frank assessments to better inform their decision-making phase.

Classifications of Our Safari Accommodation