Ikoma Bush Camp

Located in the heart of the bush, not far from the Ikoma Gate to the Serengeti National Park, Ikoma Bush Camp offers very basic tented accommodation. The camp is well-located but offers a disappointing service when compared with the other tented camps in the region. The camp is only a step up from lightweight camping.

Accommodation at Ikoma Bush Camp

The camp is large, and offers 31 thatched tents, all ensuite. The tents are not as spacious as they are at some of Maoviro’s other camps, but do include a private veranda. The tents are supplied with both electricity and hot water, although the electric generator is not switched on until the evening and also in the early morning. Hours of hot water are similar. The camp is renowned for having problems with both electricity and hot water supplies.

Tents are adequate, but older than those at some camps and could use some up-dating (a process which is on-going). While mosquito nets are provided, many are rather worse for wear. The tents are more basic than at other lodges and insects easily enter. Spiders are the most common intruders.

If you are looking for a more rustic and “close-to-nature” experience; camping with a reasonable bed and flushing toilet, then this camp is ideal. Those expecting a luxury

camp experience would be advised that this camp is not for them.

Food and drink and Ikoma Bush Camp

The restaurant at Ikoma is based a fair walk from some tents as the camp is quite large. It offers buffet style dinners and a very average breakfast selection. While food is adequate it is neither exciting nor particularly varied. Packd lunches are self-assembly, and, as is common the choice is reasonably limited.

The hotel offers a limited wine-list and some other alcoholic beverages. The bar area is, again, passable, but uninspired.

Service at Ikoma Bush Camp

Staff at Ikoma are friendly and seem to be aiming to do their best. However there are some training and language issues, especially concerning dinner and drinks service. The camp is also very large. This means that while room service is on offer this can be very slow and hard to come by. While staff will attempt to address any customer grievances the nature of the camp, its limited utilities and aging infrastructure mean that this is not always possible.

Things to do at Ikoma Bush Camp

While the camp is by no means ideal it is well located and immersed in the bush. While day guided tours offered by the camp are not highly recommended, the camp’s night drive is a very special entertainment and offers the opportunity to see a very different array of wildlife.

The camp often puts on traditional entertainment such as dances. Nature and cultural talks are also on offer on occasion, as are balloon trips and tours to local Maasai villages.

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